BD Venture Limited, a Venture Capital Company, is an outcome of relentless effort from a group of leaders of the financial and entrepreneurial ecosystems of Bangladesh with a view to promoting innovative and potential seed, early & growth stage entrepreneurs & enterprises to pave their expansion through facilitating investment, consultancy & other relevant services. We are capable to address and accommodate the undulations of a venture and tailor our & the investee enterprise’s shape to adapt with a perspective approach. We have adopted innovative ways of investment for those entrepreneurs or enterprises for who the doors of the conventional financing institutions are hardly open.

BD Venture was launched with the mandate to invest in innovative business concepts or enterprises in emerging and high-growth sectors. While financial return is imperative, the greater mission is to encourage innovation and inspire the entrepreneurial spirit to thrive. BD Venture brings with it a strong lineage of leadership across the sectors to build companies that are the best in the business. Our team comprises of professionals who have brought cumulative experiences and best practices cultured for decades. BD Venture works with a large pool of funds and guarantees its full commitment to its investee companies. 80% of our shares are held by institutions, such as Mutual Trust Bank Limited, National Bank Limited, Green Delta Insurance Company Limited, Bangladesh General Insurance Company Limited, Lanka Bangla Finance Limited, Data Edge Limited, Asia Pacific General Insurance Company Limited, MIDAS Financing Limited, IPE Capital Limited & EBL Securities Ltd. The company is governed by an enlightened board comprising a set of leading financial professionals as well as entrepreneurs.


We believe in value creation through our investment in companies with a compelling advantage resulting in high growth and superior return to our investor.


To energize the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Bangladesh.

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