How we Work

We are available as a team of experts to our investee companies. Our operations are conducted by the investment team under supervision of CEO, Investment Committee and a Board of Directors who are responsible for overseeing and approving the investment proposals.

The investment team interacts with the entrepreneurs, assesses the proposals, financial statements & projections, visits the business centers, collects and analyzes various related market information to assess if the business is scalable or worth investing in. After that assessment, they negotiate with the entrepreneurs and come to an agreement or mutual understanding.

If the negotiation is acceptable to all the concerned parties then the investment team will forward the proposal to the Investment Committee who can approve the proposal upto a certain level. If the investment requirement exceeds a certain level or if investment committee wants then the proposal could be forwarded to the board of directors who are the supreme authority to approve or reject any investment proposal. If the approval is obtained, due diligence process is conducted using in and off house resources. On completion of due diligence, the deal sign off is done subject to approval and compliance.

BD Venture may invest in the form of Equity or Equity linked Instruments like fully or partly convertible or redeemable preference shares and debt securities with convertible features. Alongside investment in the company, BD Venture Limited will play a strategic role in running the company, if required.

After a certain period of time (usually upto 5 years) the investment is to be realized. BD Venture may sell its stake through Public Offering or to the Founders of the Enterprise or Interested Third Party(s).

Value Added Services

BD Venture is a long-term investor who takes a strategic role in its portfolio companies/ enterprises as and when required. BD Venture is committed to the success of the businesses it invests in. As a long-term partner, that involvement is on-going from the initial investment to the liquidation of its stake. Your company will benefit from the following value-added services from a partnership with BD Venture.

Institutionalizing the Enterprises

BD Venture provides necessary support and mentoring for company registration, fulfilling necessary legal & administrative formalities and obtaining necessary approvals for the partner/ investee organizations. Our experts help the entrepreneurs to institutionalize their businesses through adopting required legal form.

Strategic Consultancy and Facilitating Services

Being partner of the venture, we provide the enterprises with continuous strategic, operational and financial advices. We will typically have a representative appointed to the company’s board who often gets intimately involved with the strategic direction of the company. We bring expertise in tackling critical business issues such as hiring senior executives, shaping business strategy, creating new product categories, forming solid partnerships, implementing accounting systems, MIS, marketing etc. We introduce the company we invest in to an extensive network of strategic partners both domestically and internationally, and may also identify potential acquisition targets for the business and facilitate the acquisition.

BD Venture provides mentoring on obtaining subsequent finance in the form of Debt &/ or Equity from Banks/NBFIs/ Multi-Lateral Agencies/Individuals or Institutional Investors making sure that the business/ enterprise is given favorable financing terms and conditions thereby ensuring the growth and profitability.

We are accomplished in the process of preparing a company for next rounds of financing as well as Public Offering.

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